Attention Members: Renew your annual dues

Just a reminder to pay your annual dues anytime before noon (PST) on April 15th. Simply login to your account, and choose Renew Membership.  This function will not work for seniors who do not need to pay. This function does not work if you have already paid your dues this year, thus eliminating paying twice by mistake.  

A Member’s eligibility to renew membership also requires specific meeting attendance and logging in the required community service hours prior to noon April 30th.  If a Member does not meet these requirements, the Class Coordinator will notify the Member and the Member will receive a full refund after August 1st of the same year.  If a Member does not receive the refund by August 15th, they should email: and include the Member’s name, chapter and group name.  For more details, click on Refunds.

If a Member wishes to request a transfer, the Member must pay their dues before the deadline.  The request may be made with the Chapter President (not the Class Coordinator) of the group they are requesting to be transferred to only betweenMay 1st and August 1st each year. There is a fee and other considerations, so please contact the Chapter President.

If your family has a financial hardship, you can request a discount on dues by emailing You must request a hardship discount prior to April 1st.

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