10 Ways to Earn Hours During Your Summer Vacation

It is a well known fact, that over the school year a majority of students are saddled with an obscene amount of homework.  This can make earning the required 30 volunteer hours, let alone any extra hours, incredibly difficult.  For this reason, summer vacation is a prime time to earn those hours.  Here are some examples of what you can do to help your community this summer vacation.

  1. Volunteer at the library.  Many libraries provide reading and/or writing classes for small children, they are always looking for volunteers.

  2. Help at Relay for Life.

  3. Volunteer at a hospital, without profit.

  4. Volunteer at the Blood Bank.

  5. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen.

  6. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter.

  7. Donate some old toys and clothing to a homeless shelter.

  8. With some close friends, make homemade cards to send to kids with cancer.

  9. Help with a beach clean up.

  10. Volunteer at a local summer camp as a counselor, without profit.

There’s only a few more weeks left of summer vacations, so get your hours in now!


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