Danielle Prou, Our National Spokeswoman


Lion’s Heart is very pleased and excited to announce our official national spokeswoman, Danielle Prou!  Danielle is a multi-talented 15 year old singer/songwriter, and is the founding Member of the Lion’s Heart Santa Monica, California chapter. As the national spokeswoman, she has already recorded and will distribute several Public Service Announcements for national radio and television airing.  She will, like all Lion’s Heart Members, volunteer at local charities and is an officer in her group.

Danielle debuted a new original single and a music video called “Lion’s Heart” that will serve as the official song of Lion’s Heart.  Four Lion’s Heart Members (Danielle Field, Maya Hanaoka, Regina Saad, Taryn Wilson) sang backup for the song and are seen in the music video!) You can purchase the song on iTunes, which partial proceeds benefiting Lion’s Heart.  Below is the link to iTunes and her page on the Lion’s Heart website.  We encourage everyone to purchase her song on iTunes!

Danielle Prou

Thank you to Danielle Prou and her team for making this happen!  We could not be more excited!

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