Local Informational Meetings


Lion’s Heart, a teen volunteer platform for 6th – 12th grade students, is launching new chapters nationwide.  To encourage membership, representatives from nearby cities have joined to hold informational meeting at local libraries and community centers. Lion’s Heart invites students and parents to learn more about the organization in a comfortable, open forum setting where questions and answers can evolve.

“Lion’s Heart is different from any other teen volunteer organization in the country,” said Terry Corwin, Lion’s Heart Founder. “Not only do we encourage integrity and a sense of community responsibility, we are also dedicated to developing leadership skills. It is our mission to help our Members develop skills at Lion’s Heart that will help them achieve success throughout life. What also sets us apart is that our Members do not participate in any fundraising or require any parental involvement.”

This commitment to integrity and continued success is the impetus behind the organization’s decision to publically track volunteer hours and achievements for all Members. This allows Lion’s Heart to easily provide official documentation for Members to submit with college and job applications.

“Lion’s Heart is empowering the girls in my group to stand out from the crowd,” said Diemha Hoang, Class Coordinator for Lion’s Heart 10th grade girls in the South Pasadena, CA chapter. “They are having a great time brainstorming volunteer opportunities that are meaningful to them, and the positive experience is nurturing their passion for community service.”

Lion’s Heart enrollment period ends October 1. Groups consist of three to twenty teens grouped by gender, grade and location. For those interested in joining an existing Lion’s Heart chapter or starting a new chapter, please visit www.lionsheartservice.org.

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