Lion’s Heart Helps out Deploying Marines

Cookies for Troops - 082

The Lion’s Heart, San Juan Capistrano Chapter, along with Homefront America, helped bake and package cookies for the deploying Marines and Sailors of 2/1. Homefront America is a non-profit organization that provides military outreach and support.

“When we set out to do this project, we were aiming for 6000 cookies, but received 20,000 cookies so we were able to spread the kindness to deploying Marines and Sailors of 1/11, 1st Maintenance and 1st Radio. All four groups are deploying as a part of the 13th MEU, The Fighting Thirteenth,” said Mamie Yong Maywhort of Homefront America.

Homefront America received letters written by Marines thanking all the volunteers.  They shared them with us. Lion’s Heart’s teen volunteers are honored to give back to the troops and thankful for the correspondence they received from the soldiers and Homefront America for their efforts. Here are some of the letters:

From Lieutenant General Larry Nicholson, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines,” Was out at the 2/1 Grinder this morning at 0 Dark 30 and just wanted to let you know your support of the 2/1 on their Deployment was above and beyond the call. All the Cookies, Goodies, and the Send Off Bags of Goodies was just sensational. Our Marines, and Families really appreciated yours and Homefront America’s all-out effort. Thanks again for your wonderful and heartfelt support of our 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines. A Stellar Effort!! Semper Fi, Pete”

Lieutenant General Larry Nicholson, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines wrote, ”Many thanks for your superior support to Jonathan Smith and the Marines and Sailors of 2/1. Will be seeing them west of the international date line before too long. Semper Fidelis, Larry”

Lion’s Heart is dedicated to helping teens develop meaningful life skills through leadership opportunities and philanthropic experiences. Unlike other popular organizations, Lion’s Heart does not allow fundraising to ensure all energy is spent giving back to the communities served.

Cookies for Troops - 058

For more information on Lion’s Heart see our website

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