Can Volunteering Make You Have More Time?

From our friends at, a great article about volunteers feel like they actually have more time! Strange, yes, we know.

Call it a completely counterintuitive phenomenon, but it turns out that volunteering may actually make you feel like you have more time. Yes, it makes little sense. For those of us already stretched thin with commitments, how could volunteering our precious hours make our time feel more plentiful?

Yet research suggests, that’s exactly the case.

A 2012 study, by researchers at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Yale’s School of Management, and Harvard Business School, found that people who spend time on others are more likely to feel they have more time themselves.

Researchers performed a series of experiments in which they asked two groups to complete different assignments — spending 10 minutes on themselves versus 30 minutes on others, or helping someone with a task versus leaving a meeting early. They found that those who helped other people perceived that they themselves had more time — a feeling the researchers call “time affluence.”

Read the entire article here.

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