Crossing the Border and Giving Back

Many teens who are a part of the Lion’s Heart volunteer organization have helped others in need by getting involved in their community in meaningful and fun ways. Most often these volunteer opportunities take place in the United States and are near the Lion’s Heart chapter areas. It’s important not to forget that giving back can affect communities and families off the grid and even in a different country. For example, I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico and build a house for a family in need with the Corazon organization last summer. The members of Corazon emphasize that everyone can learn how to make a difference in someone’s life and that coming together as a team is one of the best ways for that to be accomplished. Having been a member of the San Clemente,CA. Girls Blue 2018 group for the past two years, I’ve learned how to work with others and create relationships with the new people I meet along the way. This journey to Mexico was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had and taught me many valuable lessons.


I travelled to Tijuana with a group of determined volunteers to build a house in just one day! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve travelled to Mexico with my family, but last summer I wanted to give back to their wonderful community. The members of Corazon had informed our group that these houses are built for families who have given back to their communities for an extensive amount of time and have earned this gift. This task seemed overwhelming to us, but by working alongside the family that would receive this new house, we pushed forward and continued to work together. The family that received this home had two teenage boys who were very eager to join in and help the group. Their mother, a woman who did not speak any english, had prepared her own homemade tamales for the volunteers that contributed to the house. When the day was coming to a close, their mother expressed tears of joy as she saw her new home and thanked us for giving her and her sons a new place to live. It was incredible to see how the work that the volunteers and I had done would have such a lasting impact of this family.

Through this volunteer opportunity, I gained an amazing experience outside the country. I was exposed to seeing a group of people come together and help a family who had earned this incredible gift. Being a member of Lion’s Heart is a great opportunity for teens to reach out to others and take their leadership skills to communities much farther than those we have given back to before.

Written by Lion’s Heart Member and Summer Intern Reese Thomas, Member of San Clemente, CA Girls Blue 2018 Group.


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