Lion’s Heart Senior Spotlight – Hailey P.

Joining Lion’s Heart my freshman year, I didn’t think that it would be much more than an opportunity to hang out with friends and to receive credit for the community service work I was already doing. I was incredibly wrong because joining my Lion’s Heart group did so much more that that; it opened up an array of opportunities to grow as a person and raise awareness for my community. My Lion’s Heart group encouraged me to reach out to programs I did not even know needed assistance.

At our monthly meetings, each girl shared information about various service opportunities that ranged anywhere from cleaning up trash, picking petals for the rose parade, volunteering to teach cheer, gleaning, packing christmas boxes, assisting with programs for veteran families, and helping out at the food pantry. Participating in these instilled a desire to help out various groups, which is something I believe will stick with me all my life. The group also functioned to hold one another accountable. If someone was struggling to find service opportunities, the rest of the group was eager to arrange a group activity.

Being able to serve in a group made the task at hand more fun, which is a huge reason I was always eager to participate in activities. Even though my time as a Lion’s Heart member has ended, I will always keep the passion to serve others that being part of Lion’s Heart taught me. That rewarding feeling of knowing I can make a difference is something I hope to chase after as I move into the adult world. I am incredibly grateful for all that being part of my community service group has taught me and for all the opportunities it opened up to help the people around me. 


Hailey has been a Member of Lion’s Heart’s lake Forest, California Chapter 2016 Girls Blue since 2013. Good luck with your studies and thanks for sharing Hailey!!

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