Lion’s Heart Senior Spotlight – David W.

I vividly remember my first meeting as a Lion’s Heart Member in the 8th grade. I was shy and uneasy, not knowing how much I would change in the future. I initially joined Lion’s Heart because I had just a little too much time on my hands as a young teenager. However, my reserved self eventually gave way as I have made life long bonds with other members in my group. I have learned that we take our community for granted occasionally, but we can still leave a lasting impact.

Even through small routines and once-a-month activities, Lion’s Heart has shown me how important it is to give back. The connections I have made with my fellow group members and the relationships I have created through meeting new people are equally important. I am so blessed to have been a part of a team and community that has boosted my self esteem, determination, dedication, and compassion. 

I plan on attending UCLA in the Fall as an Aerospace Engineering Major.

David has been a Member of Lion’s Heart’s Ladera Ranch, California Chapter 2016 Boys Blue since 2012. Good luck with your studies and thanks for sharing David!!

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