Personal statements from students who got in to the colleges of their dreams!

As a member of Lion’s Heart, you know better than I do what volunteering can do for others and yourself. It must be a breath of fresh air to get away from the traditional setting of a high school and meet new people at every volunteering event.

It’s often inspiring to cross paths with people you’d never otherwise meet, and exciting to gain new perspectives on matters you didn’t know mattered to you. This reason alone has enabled many college applicants to discuss their journey and transformation as a volunteer worker in their personal statement.

Check out how students from Tufts, Dartmouth and WashU conveyed their personalities in the following successful excerpts:

Extreana.png Extreana

Tufts University ’ 18

It’s last period on a Friday. The long-awaited final bell rings; automatically, my classmates quickly pack up and join the stream of students that surges down every hallway. I join the current, but instead of following the stream through the exit, I turn and ascend the stairs to our school’s library. Walking past the students scrambling to finish essays, I join my fellow National Honor Society members in the back of the room. Though many may deem it an unconventional — perhaps even wasteful — way to start the weekend, NHS’ Friday meetings in the library are the 45 most-cherished minutes of my week. Read on.


Dartmouth College ‘20

Ah, stress: while I can’t simply wave a magic wand and make it disappear, that won’t stop me from trying to find a solution. Behind my test scores, transcript, and list of extracurricular activities, I, like many of my peers, struggle with academic-related stress. Whether I’m studying for calculus tests, memorizing lines for the school play, or filling out college applications, I’m stressed. View full essay.WashUCaliBoy.pngWashUCaliBoy

Washington University in St. Louis ‘20

It’s hard to imagine life without clean water, insulated housing, and readily available health care. Ecuadorian villagers live this life every day. During this past summer, I joined a medical humanitarian effort as a health teacher to teach hygienic habits to these Ecuadorian villagers. During my time in the Ecuadorian highlands, I tried my best to offer services to the Ecuadorians who had limited access to severely strained medical facilities. View full profile.

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