Nonprofit Spotlight: Goodwill!

A great way to give back to the community is to donate your used clothing to a thrift store or second-hand store. One of the best places to do that is Goodwill.

Goodwill is an American nonprofit organization where you can donate all sorts of used goods which helps create jobs for those in need. According to Wikipedia, it “provides job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs for people who have barriers preventing them from otherwise obtaining a job.”

How exactly does donating clothes to Goodwill benefit those in need?

  • First, the clothes and other materials donated are sold at marked down prices, so people in need of affordable clothing can easily access appropriate and much-needed clothes. This pertains especially to low-income, disaster victims, people with disease, and other groups that need the benefit of places like Goodwill.
  • Funds raised from the stores or the online auction are used to insure that Goodwill can continue working to support those in need and to finance valuable job training, job placement services, and other essential programs.

According to the Goodwill website, the efforts of volunteers who donated their clothes got 48,131 people back to work! Last year, 288,000 people were able to find a job, while more than 38.6 million people were able “to access Goodwill education, training, mentoring and online learning services to strengthen their skills.” Your small action of donating clothes you no longer want has an incredible impact; it can change the course of someone’s life.  

For some extra incentive, donating makes you eligible for a Goodwill tax reduction. Not only can you help the lives of countless people, but you also benefit as well!

Want to help? Donate your used clothing to Goodwill. Consider thrifting at Goodwill too! Thrifting is a sustainable way to find new styles, and the costs of the clothes goes to support services that will uplift those who need the help.

Check out Goodwill for more information! 

Written by Audrey Xia – Lion’s Heart Intern and Blogger Audrey is a devoted Lion’s Heart volunteer and a passionate writer. If she’s not volunteering, writing, or playing soccer, you can probably catch her rocking out to some new music or eating Asian snacks.

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