Why You Should Continue Volunteering as a College Student

Seniors who will be graduating this year — Congratulations! You all have worked hard, especially incorporating your volunteer work along with your studies. Lion’s Heart is extremely proud of all our graduating seniors, and we thank you for continuing to serve with us throughout your high school career.

Being a first-time college student can be time-consuming, sometimes overwhelming, but also very rewarding. It may seem like there is no time to incorporate volunteering into your life; however, keeping volunteering as part of your life is beneficial for you in a countless number of ways!

  • Teamwork and leadership

Volunteering builds your teamwork and leadership skills. By participating in volunteer activities as a college student, you continue to learn and progress as a leader as well as a member of a team.

  • Networking

Many colleges offer service clubs or volunteer activities on campus that are extremely popular. By attending such events, it is very easy to connect to with people and professionals that will be helpful for your future.

  • References

When you become a valued and consistent volunteer at a preferred organization, strong connections to members and leaders of the volunteer organizations will write incredible references detailing your work and skills. There’s hard competition to find a job, so a good reference is crucial!

  • Resume and career exploration

Just like how volunteering helped many seniors build a strong resume when applying to colleges or when deciding what major to explore, volunteering can continue to play that same role in your life. Many volunteer opportunities in college will help you build necessary job skills such as marketing, social media, communications, or sales, which will give you a boost on your job application.

  • Scholarships and graduate school

Similar to the above point, volunteering experience will help you in obtaining scholarships or in applying to graduate school. There are also numerous scholarships and grants offered specifically to volunteers.

  • Better resources to make a bigger impact

Colleges and universities have a plethora of resources for volunteering. There are a variety of volunteering clubs supporting different causes on campus to choose from. Your college’s community and career centers will also offer many opportunities. If those from your school don’t completely satisfy you, areas around your university have opportunities as well!

  • Personal growth

College can be extremely stressful — helping out those who are less fortunate than you can help you gain perspective; volunteering also allows you to destress and reevaluate your life with more clarity. Giving back ultimately cultivates happiness — there’s nothing to lose!

Volunteering remains valuable throughout your college years; helping others not only uplifts the communities around you, but aids you in your future endeavors in life and your personal growth.

Stay #lionsheartstrong!


Written by Audrey Xia – Lion’s Heart Intern and Blogger Audrey is a devoted Lion’s Heart volunteer and a passionate writer. If she’s not volunteering, writing, or playing soccer, you can probably catch her rocking out to some new music or eating Asian snacks.

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