Volunteer Craft Ideas

Want to give back to the community but feel like you are too busy to do so? An amazing way you can do so is through craft projects. Here are some ideas on what you can do!

  • Blankets – So many organizations accept hand-made blankets, such as Project Linus or Warm Up America, as well as animal shelters. These simple blankets do not require a lot of skill to do — just a heart and some time! If you are particularly skilled in knitting or crocheting, here is a website that lists several organizations that will take your knitted projects!
  • ParacordsOperation Gratitude is a great nonprofit that supports our troops. A fun way to support this organization is by making paracord bracelets which can save a life in an emergency situation.
  • Handmade caps – Make caps for cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy through Knots of Love!
  • Origami – Are you good at making origami? Make cranes and other paper creations for cancer patients through Cranes for Cancer and make someone’s day!
  • Dresses – Through Little Dresses for Africa, volunteers can help make dresses that will be sent to all parts of Africa, hoping to plant hope in needy communities.
  • Painting rocksKindness Rocks‘s mission is “one message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, and life.” You can help uplift your community by making these little message rocks and leaving them around for people to find.

There are countless organizations that offer craft projects as a way to volunteer that we haven’t linked above, so be sure to explore and see which one matches your passion the most!

If you are good at making crafts and love doing so, consider teaching people your skills! Many local libraries, community centers, schools, churches, and clubs incorporate arts and crafts into their programs and need volunteers to help out. 

For example, in my local library, there are programs for young kids to have fun small crafts such as slime or origami. Volunteers often help out with these programs, guiding them through each step and helping them expand their imagination.

Check out if there’s any local area where you can volunteer by sharing your love of crafts! 

If you try any of these out, share your story with us! You and your unique story could be featured on this blog and our social media.

Written by Audrey Xia – Lion’s Heart Intern and Blogger Audrey is a devoted Lion’s Heart volunteer and a passionate writer. If she’s not volunteering, writing, or playing soccer, you can probably catch her rocking out to some new music or eating Asian snacks.

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