Lion’s Heart Volunteerism Writing Competition-Golden Elementary Carnival

Prompt #3

This summer, Lion’s Heart had its inaugural writing contest for all our members to participate in. There were three possible prompts, and winners were selected for each prompt. One of the runner-ups for Prompt #3 was Emily J., a group member from the Yorba Linda, CA Chapter!

My first volunteer experience with Lion’s Heart was at the Golden Elementary School Carnival. I was notified that there was a volunteer opportunity at Golden Elementary for their annual “End of the Year Carnival”. Since my friend Natalie and I attended Golden Elementary together, we immediately signed up. 

Being able to volunteer at the school carnival meant a lot to me. I remembered making a lot of memories with my friends at the carnival, and couldn’t wait to revisit my old school. 

Once we arrived at the carnival, we were assigned to work at the lollipop tree game. While setting up, I felt a sense of excitement and nervousness. It was my first time on the other side of a carnival booth, and it was my responsibility to make sure everything ran smoothly for the kids. 

As soon as the gates opened, groups of elementary kids came rushing through. Joy and excitement were written all over their faces. Throughout the afternoon, I realized how special the carnival was to the kids. The carnival brought joy and summer to the kids. 

My first experience volunteering at the carnival impacted me by helping me understand how much volunteering impacted other people. Through the help of other volunteers, the carnival was able to run smoothly. All our efforts put together helped create memories the kids would remember forever. 

The experience also impacted me by helping me understand how important volunteers are, and how much of a difference they can make in peoples’ lives. After volunteering for more than 3 years, the experience at the carnival has still stuck with me. It helped me have a different outlook on volunteer work as well as inspire me to continue volunteering in the future. My experience has helped me understand that an act of kindness can create positive memories. Remembering the expressions and the total excitement on the kids’ faces when they won a prize has encouraged me to keep volunteering. 

This experience has caused my volunteer opportunities to expand, leading me to volunteer at 5ks, charity walks, food pantries, and libraries. While looking forward to whatever new volunteer opportunity awaits me, my first volunteer experience will forever stick with me.

Written by Emily J. — Lion’s Heart member

My name is Emily. I am 16 years old and I have been volunteering with Lion’s Heart since 2016. My hobbies include running, gardening, and exploring different cities.

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