Lion’s Heart Volunteerism Writing Competition-Volunteering at the Library

Prompt #2

This summer, Lion’s Heart had its inaugural writing contest for all our members to participate in. There were three possible prompts, and winners were selected for each prompt. One of the runner-ups of Prompt #2 was Ethan J., a member from the Yorba Linda, CA chapter!

Throughout my entire Lion’s Heart experience, there are many memories that were very valuable to me. I have some that were heartwarming and others that were unpleasant to remember. However, I do have one memory that stood out the most. This one particular memory may seem ordinary, but in my perspective it wasn’t. That memory was getting my picture taken while serving hot chocolate to a person. 

In the middle of July, I decided to volunteer at the Placentia Library. There was an event going on where they were celebrating Christmas in July. It seemed a little bit weird, but I mean there’s nothing better than starting a holiday early. People who walked through the entrance got to make cookies while having hot chocolate with a choice of marshmallows in it. As time passed, more people started to come to the library to celebrate Christmas in July. This brought a good vibe throughout the hallway, everyone started to get along and talk to each other like they were friends. 

In addition, 30 minutes before my shift was over, a person walked up to me and said he was trying to get a job at The New York Times. When he asked me if he could get a picture, my jaw dropped. I agreed and asked him what I needed to do. He said “Just serve hot chocolate to a person. ” I did as he said, so when the next person who came to grab a drink, he took a picture of me serving the hot chocolate. He thanked me for my time and left. 

To sum it up, this experience was unique because not only did I get to see the smiles when giving out hot chocolate, but also helping a person trying to pursue his career.

Written by Ethan J. — Lion’s Heart member

Hello, my name is Ethan and I am currently 13 years old. I love to play video games, collect Pokemon cards, and run.

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