Lion’s Heart Volunteerism Writing Competition-Doggie Bonez Rescue

Prompt #2

This summer, Lion’s Heart had its inaugural writing contest for all our members to participate in. There were three possible prompts, and winners were selected for each prompt. One of the runner-ups for Prompt #2 was Samantha S., a member from the Mission Viejo, CA chapter!

One of my favorite organizations that I like to volunteer for is Doggie Bonez, which is a dog & puppy rescue. Their goal is to rescue dogs that are homeless or have been left abandoned or are in high kill shelters. 

I help Doggie Bonez by walking dogs that are in boarding & assisting at adoption events. My time volunteering at Doggie Bonez has been the most memorable for me because I feel like I am contributing to making a better life for these dogs by walking them, giving them exercise and a break from boarding, and showing them love that they so deserve. 

I have fallen in love with each of these dogs who have had a very tough life and only want to be loved and find a home. I am able to give them love and exercise and make their lives a little bit better until they are able to get adopted to their new families. 

My experience at Doggie Bonez has been unique because I have mainly interacted with pitbulls and I have met so many wonderful dogs. Based on my experience, I am able to educate my friends and everyone that pitbulls are the most misunderstood dog. They are gentle puppies, and want to give love and be loved and be a part of a loving family, these dogs make the best pets. 

There are so many dogs that need a loving family and I am determined to help each and every one find a family that they so deserve. 

On a personal note, I adopted my puppy Luna from Doggie Bonez and I am so proud to say that we saved a dog! I will continue to volunteer for Doggie Bonez and let all of my friends know where to adopt dogs from and where they can help as well. “Adopt, don’t Shop”!

Written by Samantha S. — Lion’s Heart Member

 I am an only child other than my fur baby Luna who is a 2 1/2 year old terrier mix who we adopted from Doggie Bonez a year ago. I will be a Junior at Trabuco Hills High School. I play soccer for the Pateadores 03 DA Team. I have verbally committed to play soccer in college at the University of Redlands. I would like to double major in Political Science & Education. I love kids & dogs!

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