What is Volunteering?

The concept of volunteer service is often blurred with “helping out”. Oftentimes, the two are used interchangeably. If you’re helping a teacher after school, is that considered volunteering or not?

What exactly is volunteering?

According to Google, volunteering is to offer to do something for free. In Lion’s Heart, the definition of what volunteering is is slightly different.

Volunteering at Lion’s Heart means giving back to the community. It includes refereeing or coaching a sports team for free, as well as training to be a referee or coach. Setting up sporting events without pay is also considered volunteer service. However, things like fundraising for a sports team and practicing or playing a sport aren’t considered volunteer hours- it’s more “helping out” than volunteering. The drive time to and from events is also not volunteer hours.

At school, tutoring other students during lunch or after school is volunteer service, just like school community service clubs, events, and activities are considered volunteering. Tutoring family members or friends per their request, however, is not volunteering. Helping teachers during class time isn’t volunteer service either.

Many other things skim the line between actual volunteer service and helping out; if you have any questions, you can always check out our guide or ask questions through the Lion’s Heart Livechat.

Mandy is a junior at Woodbridge High School and a Lion’s Heart summer intern. She enjoys Taekwondo, reading and writing fiction, as well as volunteering at her local library. She’s been a member of Lion’s Heart since May of 2017.

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