Virtual Volunteering Opportunities!

In today’s the world where the internet and digital landscape becomes more integral in people’s everyday lives, many tasks have been transferred from the real world into the virtual world. Now, you can also volunteer online too!

Virtual volunteering takes many forms:

  • Website design or support
  • Data entry
  • Email marketing or management
  • Fundraising phone calls and outreach
  • Social media promotion and management
  • App development
  • Volunteer tracking
  • Copywriting, blogging, or editing
  • Graphic design, photography
  • Marketing or branding assistance
  • Video creation
  • Virtual assistance, staff support

Here are some specific opportunities that you can do in the comfort of your own home with just a computer and Wi-fi.

Blog posting. As I’m typing this post up, I’m volunteering! Many organizations have a blog that rely on volunteers to keep updated. For example, posting for the Lion’s Heart Blog can give you service hours. If you want to share your unique story, go to Share Your Story on the Lion’s Heart website, and you could be featured on this blog.

Another similar blog posting volunteer opportunity that I’ve tried is for the Mission Viejo Library. Teenagers run the Mission Viejo Library Teen Voice blog and write all the posts for it, providing book reviews and knowledge on a variety of topics for their peers and bibliophiles.

Check if your library offers any similar opportunities such as these. If they don’t, ask if you can start one yourself!

Online Ambassadors. Many organizations need teenage online ambassadors, such as Ark of Hope for Children.

Translators. Fluent in other languages? Translate with Translators without Borders, an organization that helps other non-profit organizations overcome language barriers.

Emotional support. At 7 Cups, you can volunteer by being an online emotional support person. Similarly, help people in crisis by answering their texts with Crisis Text Line.

Science. Help scientists achieve ground-breaking new discoveries and aid with their important work. If you love science, there’s many ways do what you love while volunteering.

For example, Zooniverse provides countless online opportunities, from identifying New York wildlife to mapping the galaxy.

eBird needs help from volunteers to track bird populations.

Help researchers predict cyclone behavior by looking at satellite images of storms with Cyclone Center.

Volunteers can help test, evaluate or develop elements of the National Park Service’s online presence.

Harvard researchers need your help! Take tests with Project Implicit and help them learn the best way to demolish stereotypes.

There are countless ways you can help scientists and volunteer; this list is not the limit!

Literature and history. Proofread ebooks for Project Gutenberg, record audiobooks for Librivox, and transcribe historical documents for the Smithsonian. Just like science, there are so many organizations that need your help and are not limited to the few listed here!

Technology. With VocaliD, your voice can help engender innovation in voice technology. Love playing video games? Try developing your own game that will teach youth essential information in finance with App to Succeed.

Education. Education is now accessible to everyone who has access to the Internet, and you can help promoting education as well! Use Skype to teach and encourage children around the world who do not have good access to education through Granny Cloud, or train others in technology to help overcome poverty with Right Here at Home.

Surprisingly, many well-established organizations actually provide online volunteer opportunities. For example, Goodwill has opportunities to volunteer with them. Use the locater to find a Goodwill near you, and email them to see what you can do. Other organizations, such as Operation Warm, seek volunteers to help share social media posts and important announcements. (Email Mary Ann to see what you can do.)

Here are some websites that are not only great for finding in-person service events, but will also help you find virtual volunteering opportunities

  • The World Volunteer Web connects you to information and resources across the web to a worldwide, online volunteer community.
  • Volunteer Match provides you with virtual opportunities in both nearby communities and around the world.
  •, similar to Volunteer Match, locates volunteer opportunities, especially those from nonprofits. The search engine allows you to search by location, focus area, schedule and more.
  • also allows you to volunteer for any cause, from anywhere, at any time.
  • presents a multitude of ways to volunteer or to start your own volunteer activity.
  • All for Good is also a dependable resource to locate volunteer opportunities of all kinds.
  • UNV Online Volunteering, ran by the United Nations Volunteers, connects volunteers with organizations working for sustainable human development around the world.
  • is one of the best resources to find online volunteering opportunities to help support the communities you love.
  • provides micro-volunteering opportunities online.

Coyote Communications has a great list of virtual positions to support some amazing causes!

The web contains a myriad of amazing opportunities for you out there; there truly is no limit on the Internet. However, even though the Internet is a place of progress, there is also chance for danger. In order to ensure that the organization you are working for is legitimate, be sure to research the volunteer organization thoroughly. Organizations with a 501(c)3 nonprofit status are legitimate and dependable.

Keep in mind that Lion’s Heart only considers hours done for nonprofits as community service.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience, and it’s become much easier with the development of the web. Try out a virtual volunteering opportunity and see if you like it!

Happy volunteering!

Operation Warm and The Balance Small Business were resources used for this post.

Written by Audrey Xia – Lion’s Heart Intern and Blogger Audrey has been an intern of Lion’s Heart since summer of 2018 and a member since 2015. She enjoys writing, volunteering, and playing soccer.

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