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Nonprofit Spotlight – DOROT

DOROT is a nonprofit based in New York City that provides social connection to older adults in order to alleviate the feelings of isolation they may be experiencing. Given the current state of the world, older adults, who are more susceptible to contracting the virus, have had to be increasingly careful with how they go about their days. For many, this just means limiting themselves to only leaving their homes out of necessity and spending a majority of their time indoors. For more than forty years, DOROT has been one of the leading nonprofits in addressing the challenges faced by the aging population, offering a variety of programs and services for use.

As teens, we often feel closed off from older generations as we fail to understand the time in which they grew up. DOROT works to bridge this intergenerational divide by offering teens the opportunity to engage with older adults, simultaneously providing social connection and new experiences to both groups. For high-schoolers that reside in the New York Metropolitan area, summer and year-round internship opportunities are available. If chosen, you will get to interact with older adults once a week through friendly phone calls, discussion groups, and art programs. I promise that the stories these older adults have to share will leave you pondering many questions.

Likewise, if you reside near New York City, DOROT offers opportunities for package deliveries during holiday seasons. Once you sign up through their website, you alongside a parent are eligible to go to their headquarters, pick up a pre-made package, and deliver it to an individual’s home at the provided address. Afterwards, you are encouraged to call the individual that you delivered a package to and engage with them over the telephone. 

For those who do not reside in New York, DOROT offers a year-round opportunity to create birthday and holiday cards to be sent to senior citizens. Although a simple task, the cards bring some much-needed joy into the lives of older adults who may otherwise be feeling isolated during the pandemic. This is the perfect opportunity to complete with your family, friends or even your Lion’s Heart Group while maintaining social-distance. 

In a year when many are experiencing feelings of loneliness, it is important that we take some time out of our busy days to help others. DOROT is simply one of dozens of nonprofits working to alleviate these negative feelings, and I highly encourage you to visit their website ( to find more about the opportunities they offer.