7 Tips for Successfully Studying or Volunteering from Home

While many of you may be looking forward to working and studying from the couch while wearing pajamas, it’s important to create a productive work environment at home. This doesn’t mean binge watching shows on Netflix while you’re “reading” from a textbook. If you find yourself being asked to stay home and conduct your normal … Continue reading 7 Tips for Successfully Studying or Volunteering from Home

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House!

One of my favorite events I've done with my Aliso Viejo, CA 2020 girls blue group is volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is an amazing non-profit organization whose mission is to create, discover, and support programs that benefit children's health. Ronald McDonald House allows families with sick children to stay … Continue reading Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House!

My Rose Parade Float Experience

An event my group attends every year is the Rose Float Parade in Pasadena, CA. Each time I go, I'm always awed by how Herculean tasks- like creating the entire Rose Float Parade- can be accomplished by the efforts of a group of selfless, caring people. According to Wikipedia, "the Rose Parade, hosted by the … Continue reading My Rose Parade Float Experience

A How-to Guide on Saving the Ocean

Our ocean makes up over 70% of Earth's surface area; its health is directly linked to that of our planet. Even though Seek alternatives to plastic. A lot of the waste in our oceans comes from our excessive use of plastic. According to the Globalist, the average American consumes around 220 pounds of plastic per … Continue reading A How-to Guide on Saving the Ocean

Virtual Volunteering Opportunities!

In today's the world where the internet and digital landscape becomes more integral in people's everyday lives, many tasks have been transferred from the real world into the virtual world. Now, you can also volunteer online too! Virtual volunteering takes many forms: Website design or supportData entryEmail marketing or managementFundraising phone calls and outreachSocial media … Continue reading Virtual Volunteering Opportunities!

Nonprofit Spotlight: Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude is a nonprofit based in Southern California. They deliver care packages to American soldiers, from Marines to First Responders. Each package is individually addressed and includes a handwritten letter. Each year, the organization delivers over 300,000 care packages. Each and every one is carefully and lovingly packaged. Inside are snacks like chocolates and … Continue reading Nonprofit Spotlight: Operation Gratitude

How to Prepare for a Volunteering Event + Volunteering Etiquette

Be on time. If you have agreed to be somewhere to volunteer at a designated time, show up on time or call if you are running late. Everything is likely running on a tight schedule, so being late will cause trouble for the organizers. To ensure punctuality, here are some tips. First, search how long … Continue reading How to Prepare for a Volunteering Event + Volunteering Etiquette

What is Volunteering?

The concept of volunteer service is often blurred with "helping out". Oftentimes, the two are used interchangeably. If you're helping a teacher after school, is that considered volunteering or not? What exactly is volunteering? According to Google, volunteering is to offer to do something for free. In Lion's Heart, the definition of what volunteering is … Continue reading What is Volunteering?

Nonprofit Highlight: Meals on Wheels America

A wonderful nonprofit to volunteer for is Meals on Wheels America, which aims to reduce elderly isolation and hunger and supports over 5,000 community-based programs across the country. According to their website, their vision is "an America in which all seniors live nourished lives with independence and dignity" and their mission is "to empower local … Continue reading Nonprofit Highlight: Meals on Wheels America

Lion’s Heart Volunteerism Writing Competition-Doggie Bonez Rescue

Prompt #2 This summer, Lion's Heart had its inaugural writing contest for all our members to participate in. There were three possible prompts, and winners were selected for each prompt. One of the runner-ups for Prompt #2 was Samantha S., a member from the Mission Viejo, CA chapter! One of my favorite organizations that I … Continue reading Lion’s Heart Volunteerism Writing Competition-Doggie Bonez Rescue