New online course, to learn more about the officer positions!

Lion’s Heart is excited to announce a new, online course so our Members can learn more about all of the officer positions and the responsibilities for each.  Our thanks to Elizabeth Bastian for developing this course for our Members!  You don’t need to be an officer to take the course!

Below are the directions, but Members can also login and click on Documents and the instructions are there, too.  Members will be able to login 30 minutes of community service once they successfully complete the online course.  They must pass the course by answering all of the questions correctly. Parents and Class Coordinators are also encouraged to take the course!

Officer Training – Online Course

  1. Log on to:
  2. Click on “If you are a new student, click HERE to register”
  3. Access Code: givingback
  4. Complete Registration Form
  5. Student Type:  Member
  6. SMS Email:  leave blank
  7. Click “Done”
  8. Read Welcome Message and click “Continue”
  9. Click on “Lion’s Heart Officer Training Course”
  10. Upon successful completion of the course, including the test at the end (which you must get 100% correct), an email will be sent to you.  It is very important that you immediately forward that email to your Class Coordinator so there is record of you passing the course.
  11. Log in 30 minutes of community service hours into your volunteer log.

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