Attn:  Returning Members

One last reminder that all returning Members need to pay their dues by noon tomorrow (April 15th).  Returning Members simply login and then click on Renew Membership and pay $50 with a Visa or MasterCard.  We are unable to take American Express, cash or checks.  Unfortunately, the deadline to apply for hardship has now past.

After noon tomorrow, if a returning Member otherwise qualifies and desires to continue, he or she may re-enroll starting on May 15th but the dues are $125 (same as a new Member).  The Chapter President will place re-enrolled Members in their former groups, but only if there is space available in that group.

For returning Members wishing to transfer to a different group in the same or a different chapter, the Chapter Presidents start taking those requests on May 1st but dues must be paid before noon tomorrow, and there is an additional fee of $50 to transfer.  Transfer requests and payments are made to the Chapter President of the group you wish to transfer to.

After noon tomorrow, the function to renew your dues will be become disabled.  Please see our Refund Policy if you have any questions.

Thank you for serving the community through Lion’s Heart!

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