We, at Lion’s Heart, are proud to announce that our Members have performed more than 500,000 hours of community service since the organization was founded in 2004. Lion’s Heart requires teens to volunteer at least 30 hours per year but our awesome Members average 53!

Our 500,000th hour was officially reached on April 26th by Ladera Ranch Member, Amber Smolders. Congratulations Amber!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.57.17 AM

Amber is a high school senior who is going to attend FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) this fall.  She logged in the 500,000th hour while volunteering backstage at her school’s production of Cinderella. She was working on costumes. How appropriate she was volunteering doing what she hopes to do for a career!

Throughout the year, we afford teens more than enough opportunities to not only surpass the minimum hours, but to earn more than enough volunteer hours to shine for high school graduation and college entrance requirements. Lion’s Heart allows students to share their accomplishments with prospective schools during the application process. With colleges and universities using more online tools, students can reflect more accurately what they have accomplished through Lion’s Heart by sharing their volunteer portfolio through our website.

Lion’s Heart, headquartered in Southern California, has grown to more than 49 chapters across 11 states, and is actively expanding its reach by adding new chapters across the country. For more information, to open a chapter near you, or to join Lion’s Heart, visit our website or contact our membership coordinator Ashley von Gremp at

For more information on Lion’s Heart see our website



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