A How-to Guide on Saving the Ocean

Our ocean makes up over 70% of Earth's surface area; its health is directly linked to that of our planet. Even though Seek alternatives to plastic. A lot of the waste in our oceans comes from our excessive use of plastic. According to the Globalist, the average American consumes around 220 pounds of plastic per … Continue reading A How-to Guide on Saving the Ocean

Donate Your Books, Don’t Throw Them Away!

There are over seven billion people in the world; on average, each person consumes 55 kilograms- or over 120 pounds- of paper each year. For teens, this consumption is likely from school handouts and assignments. Personally, I receive dozens of pieces of paper each day from my teachers during the school year. Besides that, I … Continue reading Donate Your Books, Don’t Throw Them Away!

A How-to Guide on Food Drives

With school about to start again, all of us will be reunited with our schoolmates again. A wonderful way to stay involved in volunteering during the school year is to host a food drive! Food drives are a great opportunity for Lion’s Heart members to utilize their leadership and organizational skills! Lion’s Heart presents: a … Continue reading A How-to Guide on Food Drives

Nonprofit Spotlight: Freerice

Freerice is an online nonprofit that donates ten grains of rice for each question answered on a myriad of topics. Subjects range from human anatomy to recognizing famous paintings to English vocabulary. The nonprofit provides an easy way to volunteer from home, allowing volunteers to spend time giving back in a tangible way: a rice … Continue reading Nonprofit Spotlight: Freerice

Nonprofit Spotlight: International Sanctuary

What is International Sanctuary's mission? International sanctuary has a mission to help young women who are rescued from the horrible human trafficking and tries to help them get back on track. It's is a nonprofit organization that sells beautiful jewelry handcrafted by these young women, helping them gain the necessary skills for their future. They … Continue reading Nonprofit Spotlight: International Sanctuary

Why You Should Continue Volunteering as a College Student

Seniors who will be graduating this year — Congratulations! You all have worked hard, especially incorporating your volunteer work along with your studies. Lion’s Heart is extremely proud of all our graduating seniors, and we thank you for continuing to serve with us throughout your high school career. Being a first-time college student can be … Continue reading Why You Should Continue Volunteering as a College Student

National Pancake Day Experience!

March 12th is National Pancake Day, an annual event in which iHop gives out a free stack of pancakes for anyone who goes to an iHop anytime between 7 AM and 7 PM. This day isn’t simply just a day for people to get free pancakes; it is organized to encourage people to donate money … Continue reading National Pancake Day Experience!

DIY Care Packages for People in Need: A How-To Guide

A great way you can help your community is preparing care packages (also known as survival kits or blessing bags) for the people in need! Deliver them when you meet someone in need, or donate them to local shelters that accept them (see link below for locations). Care packages can be made quickly with items … Continue reading DIY Care Packages for People in Need: A How-To Guide

Member Spotlight – Holiday Book Wrapping

Seeing Lion's Heart members in action out in the community is so exciting. One look at our social media platforms will reveal how much we enjoy posting, reposting and sharing stories of our member's experiences. We strive to share highlights in order to inspire others and to showcase amazing experiences that come out of volunteering. … Continue reading Member Spotlight – Holiday Book Wrapping